European Youth of Norway (JEF Norway) is a cross-party youth organization working for Norwegian membership in the EU, and improved and strengthened European cooperation.

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Our organization is a meeting place for young people who are either interested in, working with or studying the EU and European issues. Our members are between the age of 13 and 30.

What can we offer you?

  • International Projects

JEF Norway has a strong international commitment. In 2011, we have, amongst other places, projects in Belarus and on the Balkans. Topics discussed are democracy, organizational development and support for a strengthened civil society, in the countries and areas concerned.

  • Visit Europe

We give you the opportunity to experience the EU from the inside with our annual study trips to Brussels and other political capitals in Europe.

  • Volunteer in Europe

We give you the opportunity to work from 3 months up to one year as a volunteer (EVS) in Europe through the Youth in Action program.

  • Seminars in Europe

Together with JEF Europe, our regional umbrella organization, we offer you the possibility to participate in seminars, exchanges and conferences all over Europe. Please visit europeiskungdom.no or jef.eu for more information.

  • National events

We have three major national events every year: Winter Conference (January), Summer Camp (June / July), and Student Conference (September-October). Check our website for more information.

Why do we work for a Norwegian EU membership and European cooperation?

  • EU creates opportunities

The EU cooperation enables us to travel without passports, live and work where we want, and not least to study, free of charge, in almost 30 European countries.

  • EU creates a stronger Europe

We believe that all European countries should actively contribute in creating a safer Europe and to secure peace in our part of the world. It’s not more than 10 years since the last was war on the Balkans, and not more than 20 years since communism split Europe in two.

  • EU solves crossborder challenges

27 European countries solve crossborder challenges related to climate and environment, migration, energy supplies and trade, every day. But only member countries have real influence in the making of EU policies.

  • EU spreads democracy and human rights

The EU is the world’s leading aid donor and the UN’s most important supporter and contributor. EU countries currently pay half of the UN budget. In addition, the EU spreads important values such as democracy, freedom and human rights.

Want to join us?

Our main goal is a new EU referendum in Norway and more focus on Europe in Norwegian politics. To achieve this we must be more visible, stronger and bigger. You can help us with this by joining JEF Norway. Membership costs 50 NOK per year (approx. €8). Membership is open to young people under the age of 30.

How to sign up?

  1. Either: Send an SMS with «EU50 + name + date of birth (ddmmyy)» to 2040.
  2. Or: Join via www.europeiskungdom.no (“Meld meg inn”-form).

For any questions contact us at eu@europeiskungdom.no.

Resident outside Norway?

Find your local JEF section on www.jef.eu or contact JEF Europe at info@jef.eu.